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Target goes live!

Our aim is to provide a progressive, modern, targeted Veterinary Service to cattle farmers, while maintaining traditional values.

We are a husband and wife team who are aiming to be different in opening up a service specific Farm Veterinary practice in Scotland and Northern England. The name 'Target Veterinary Services' was chosen as our aim is provide targeted services and our logo was designed based on a target bulls-eye and Paddy's family crest.

We are a fully mobile service happy to accommodate calls from any region of Scotland and Northern England. Our office is Livingston based with an on site laboratory, office and meeting room. The practice has invested in the latest BCF easi-scan portable Veterinary scanner, the 2017 pulsator V electro-ejaculator and video microscopy latest technology, with capacity to show video microscopy of semen samples on farm. These video images can be saved on clinical files for later reference removing the ambiguity of paper records.

We are looking forward to reconnecting with old clients and welcoming new, to our practice!

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