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Dr. Paula Buckley 


Behind the scenes 


A husband and wife team, Paula is in charge of the day to day running of the office. She has worked as a small animal Veterinary surgeon for the past 8 years on the Wirral, Shrophire and now central Scotland. Paula enjoys building a rapport with her clients and is looking forward to welcoming new clients to the practice. She is helped by her two office workers; Sausage and Pepper. Outside of work she is a keen baker and enjoys hill walking, crossfit and skiing. 

Dr. Patrick D. Buckley


Principle Veterinary Surgeon

Paddy has been involved in farm animal Veterinary since he could find wellies to fit him and maybe even before that! The son of a long serving and well respected farm Veterinary surgeon in Co. Cork Ireland, he has witnessed many changes from his father’s traditional practice to the large multi-vet practices of today.

He has worked in large animal practice since qualifying as a Veterinary surgeon and has worked extensively throughout the UK including Wiltshire, Shropshire, North Wales, New Zealand and Scotland.


Having developed a strong interest in cattle fertility and its integration into farm management, he decided to launch Target Veterinary Services. Through discussion with farmers and industry professionals he felt there was a growing disconnect between what famers required versus what was being provided for them.

When not working Paddy is a keen sportsman, having just completed his third half Ironman, and successfully completed a full Ironman distance in June, in his home county.  He enjoys running and road biking, but also a Guinness now and then watching his home country play rugby! 

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