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Fertility Programmes

To maintain a profitable enterprise it is important to have a well managed fertility programme. We can help by providing a framework for you to manage fertility on your farm, starting from your young stock upwards.

Often Veterinary planning advice can be generic and regimented, therefore we aim to provide tailored advice based on evidence from your farm. 

If necessary we will evaluate nutritional status, housing and grazing, lameness and other factors that may affect the reproductive efficiency of your farm. Blood, urine, dung, liver and rumen samples can all be taken to help get a greater appreciation of any health issues that may influence the structure of your programme. 

We will review this as regularly as you require, in order to have a programme that evolves with your needs, not just ticks a box.

We can also plan out the Veterinary costs for your programme and spread these out over the year so the only thing you need to worry about is rearing your new stock. 

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