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Bull Fertility

The bull breeding soundness examination aims to reduce the risk of using sub-fertile bulls. While a fully sterile bull is quite rare, sub-fertile bulls occur in around 1 in 5. This can have a significant impact on fertility rates on your farm. 

Sub fertile bulls can often go undetected due to bull rotation leading to uneven calving patterns. In the worst case scenario it is only discovered at pregnancy diagnosis with high barren rates. 

To protect you and your herd from this, we offer comprehensive Bull Breeding soundness examinations using the latest equipment on the market. 

Using the Pulsator V electroejaculator we can provide crush side results within minutes and alongside our video microscope, we can provide video and photographic evidence of semen health. 

This can also be done pre-sale to provide piece of mind for purchasers and demonstrate your commitment to top quality bull sales. 

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